I believe that principles matter, and as a constitutional conservative I believe it is imperative that those who are seeing office understand and live by those principles so eloquently expressed by the founding fathers.
The most important qualification for any judge is that they uphold and defend our Constitution. Jennifer has consistently done just that in her tenure as Judge in Sugar Land. Her unwavering principles and steadfast convictions to our Constitution makes her the only clear choice for Fort Bend County Court at Law No.3. Who our judges are matters, and it is clear Jennifer has the intellect, experience, character, moral fortitude, and principles that it takes to do the job. It is an honor to officially endorse her run for County Court at Law No. 3.

Jacob Balderas, Rosenberg City Council

Well, here is my endorsement for Judge Jennifer Chiang. I don’t give these away easily. You have to earn it. How, you may ask?
This is how:
1) Be a great person who is highly qualified for the job.
2) be active in the community.
3) be active in your political party in which you are running. Not just at ELECTION time, but all of the time. Which she has been.

I always get frustrated when folks just show up when they want something and you can’t find them any other time. Or they say they are active in the party but only with a certain group that makes them feel comfortable.
Judge Chiang has been active in serving the community and has been active in the party and multiple clubs. I am proud to know her and her husband (and her Momma too). We need her in our courts.
Best wishes on your campaign and I proudly endorse you.21430510_1986519991585687_616097649951467367_n

Wayne Thompson, Constable, Precinct 3