As a long time community volunteer and Republican activist; I am proud to call Jennifer Chiang my daughter! For six generations* our family has worked to serve America. Jennifer is no exception. She has volunteered in her community since she was three years old. She is very smart, creative, a great problem solver, and gifted student. She was always involved in school, college, local and state politics. She will be a great Judge because of her servant leadership and heart.

*Jennifer’s maternal side of the family. Note: Jennifer is a second generation American on her paternal side.

Sue Chiang, Proud Mom and Community Leader

My name is Staff Sergeant Lewis Yee,  I served my country with honor during World War II on three continents. I am extremely proud of my granddaughter, Jennifer Chiang. I raised my family and grandchildren on faith, family and freedom. My proudest moment was seeing my granddaughter being sworn in as an associate municipal judge for the city of Sugar Land. She is fulfilling the American dream. As her grandfather, I ask that you help her rise to the next level and support her in her election for judge of County Court at Law 3.


Lewis Yee, WWII Vet